'Paralyzed Bride' Rachelle Friedman Talks New Mom Life

Rachelle Friedman holding baby girlRachelle Friedman via Facebook
If you're anything like us, you probably had a ton of questions when you heard Rachelle Friedman Chapman, referred to as the "Paralyzed Bride," welcomed a baby via surrogate last month. From the logistical -- how does she hold her daughter? -- to the emotional -- is she still friends with the girl who playfully pushed... Read more

Why You Might Want to Ask Your Doctor to Wait Before Cutting Baby's Cord

mother with newbornGetty
Though it's been a hot topic for years, new research may seriously influence how long you and your partner wait before cutting baby's umbilical cord. A new study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics found that while there's no different in IQ, children whose cords were cut more than three minutes after birth had slightly higher... Read more

SIDS Slightly Linked to Elevation, Study Finds

Rocky mountainsShutterstock
Babies who live at higher elevations may be at a higher risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, a new study finds. How high are we talking? Any elevation 8,000 feet or more above sea level. But if you call this height home, there's no need to pack up just yet. "The absolute risk... Read more

Keira Knightley and James Righton Welcome First Child!

Keira Knightley baby announcementShutterstock
Keira Knightley is a mom! The Academy Award nominee and musician husband James Righton just welcomed their first child, according to E! News. No word on a name or gender just yet. But we do know The Imitation Game actress doesn't plan on slowing down. In a 2012 interview with Vogue, the British star said she’s not planning on being... Read more

Grab Your Tissues: Here's the 'Batkid Begins' Trailer

Batman and Miles Scott as BatkidBatkid Begins
A year and a half ago, he took over Gotham City. And next month, he's taking over the big screen. The trailer for Batkid Begins was just released, chronicling the story of Miles Scott -- also known as Batkid -- a leukemia survivor whose Make a Wish journey went viral. The then-five-year-old Miles... Read more

Combatting Summer Pregnancy Swelling

feet in the airShutterstock
A summer pregnancy can be uncomfortable, to say the least. The only thing worse than trying to maneuver a third trimester bump around in the heat and humidity is trying to do so with swollen, achy feet and legs. Unfortunately, the higher temperatures increase the probability of swelling, which can be both unsightly and painful.... Read more

Could Preemie Babies Be Less Lucky in Love?

Premature baby with tubesGetty
Paging Cupid to the delivery room: Carrying to term may set baby up for a more favorable love life in adulthood. According to a study published in the journal Pediatrics, twenty-somethings born preterm (before 37 weeks) are less likely to move in with a romantic partner or have sexual intercourse than their peers born even one... Read more

Trendy Toddler Dresses Just Like Harry Styles

Harry Styles lookalikeInstagram
Michael Rangamiz has definitely got that one thing: a viral Instagram account at age two. Mirroring the fashions of One Direction's Harry Styles, the toddler has garnered over 62,000 followers. And it's all thanks to his fashion-forwad mom, who manages the account. Our question: can you still call it a "man bun" when... Read more

How Did Baby Food Become a Household Staple?

Jar of yellow baby food with twineGetty
Whether it's Gerber brand or your own homemade recipe, baby food is a staple in your household. But did you ever wonder what parents did before Beaba cookers and those little jars of smashed sweet potatoes were at the ready? Baby food as we know it didn't come on the scene until the 1920s.... Read more

Would You Try These Hands-Off Baby Swimming Lessons?

baby in kiddie poolGetty
Memorial Day Weekend means the start of summer! And it's also the end of the CDC's Healthy and Safe Swimming Week. Bottom line? Water safety is becoming high-priority for parents. You know your kids should take swimming lessons, and chances are you've heard of all sorts of baby-and-me swim classes that help acclimate your infant to the water. But... Read more