Holiday Shopping at Whole Foods?

whole foods PBS toys
As of this week, while you pick up your kale and free-range chicken, you can also get some Christmas shopping done. It's all thanks to a new partnership between PBS Kids and Whole Foods, which will bring educational and sustainable toys to the supermarket. PBS has launched a whole line of toys appropriate for kids between... read more

Baby's Eating Habits Develop in First Year

baby eating
Wondering how you can get baby on track for a healthy and fit lifestyle? The first solid foods he eats play a big part. No pressure. Interested in finding out exactly what American babies are eating, researchers at the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences looked at over 1,500 babies six months to... read more

Does Having Kids Make You Happier?

happy family
Your kids probably bring immeasurable joy into your life, right? Most days anyways. But what if you could measure it? Researchers from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and Canada's Western University did just that. And they found that two kids are the ticket to happiness. When it comes to a third child,... read more

#TBT: Our Famous Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes
A year ago today, we gave you five brilliant ideas for last-minute family Halloween costumes on the TODAY Show. Since we're willing to bet a lot you still need them, let's take a look back, shall we? So skip the party store reject costumes and use supplies from around the house for a DIY costume that's quick and creative.... read more

Gerber Sued Over Allergy Claims

Gerber Good Start Gentle Formula
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced today they're suing baby food giant Gerber for claiming that its Good Start Gentle formula can prevent or reduce allergies in children. The filed complaint says Gerber misled consumers by claiming to be the first formula to meet government approval for reducing allergies. While the FTC wants Gerber to... read more

Liv Tyler Confirms Pregnancy with This Amazing Halloween Costume

Liv Tyler
Liv Tyler literally has a bun in the oven. Taking a page out of the Jessica Simpson pregnancy play book, the expectant actress confirmed her pregnancy with her adorable Halloween costume on Oct. 29, dressed as a "bun in the oven," complete with a shiny oven and large bun that went over her growing bump. And... read more

Melissa Joan Hart's #BumpItForward Advice to Fellow Moms

Melissa Joan Hart
What's the single best piece of advice Melissa Joan Hart has for expectant moms? Go see a movie, like, now! "Go to the movies now, while you're pregnant, and you can sit there without chasing a child around or having to sit through yet another cartoon," the actress tells The Bump. "Once you have the baby,... read more

Finding the Balance: Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain

pregnant woman eating
Baby weight is a touchy subject to discuss. Always careful not to pressure women into trying to stay thin or create complexes over their fuller frames during pregnancy, I try to encourage expectant moms to focus on health and wellness rather than the numbers on the scale. However, many moms-to-be are worried about gaining too... read more

Shakira's Newest Project: Toy Designer for Fisher-Price!

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty
The best artists adapt and respond to the needs of their fans, right? Since Shakira will now be designing baby toys, we'd like to think she went above and beyond just for us. This week Fisher-Price announced a partnership with Shakira and her charity The Barefoot Foundation as part of an initiative to promote early childhood... read more

Tracking Baby's Brain Development In Utero

hand on belly
Science is getting better at understanding baby's development in utero. The latest advancement? Viennese researchers can pinpoint when your baby develops the ability to see. Using functional magnetic resonance tomography (fMRT), which is a technique that measures brain activity, researchers from the Computational Imaging Research Lab at the Medical University of Vienna were able to identify active short-range neuronal... read more