I Want a Play Date With Tiffani Thiessen (Okay I Said It)

Photo: Jerritt Clark Photography / The Bump Photo: Jerritt Clark Photography / The Bump

Who didn’t want to be BFFs with Tiffani Thiessen back in her Saved By the Bell days? She seemed so nice and gorgeous and always had the cutest guys around her. And even on Beverly Hills 90210 — she became the ultimate bad girl. The drama you’d get to witness if you hung out with her! Maybe even get bumped up to the front of the line at the Peach Pit After Dark (yes, I went there).

So when I got to meet her in real life, I was hoping Tiffani would be as likeable as she always has been on TV. And she was! She dished to me about her favorite baby gear and how she got through pregnancy — and even got real about some not-so-great parts of having a toddler.

Check out what she said here.

Oh yeah, and this was right after she did some pretty awesome charitable work. Gotta love her. Tiffani: Want to make a play date? Call me!

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