Growing Trend: Gender Reveal Desserts

What could be sweeter? The New York Times recently wrote about the growing number of gender reveal parties hosted by expectant parents to announce their baby’s gender. Turns out, many moms and dads-to-be on our message boards and social media are also having big gender reveals—and they’re breaking the news with mouth-watering gender announcement desserts.

Did you have a gender reveal party? If so, did you share the news with something sweet? 

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Chocolate Chip Gender Reveal Cookies

These cookies combine three of our favorite things: Chocolate chip cookies, cake batter and gender reveal desserts. What could be better? Get the recipe at
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Ashlee Z.'s Surprise Blue Cake

Ashlee Z. and her husband wanted to be just as surprised as the guests at their gender reveal party. “The ultrasound technician put the sex in a sealed envelope,” she says. “We took it to a family friend who made the cake. She was the only one who knew the gender before we cut it!”
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Holly M.'s Surprise Pink Cake

For a fun activity, Holly M.’s guests arrived at the party wearing either pink or blue to guess baby’s gender. “Everyone gathered together based on their outfits, and we took a picture to remember who thought the baby would be a boy or a girl.”
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Gender Announcement Cookies by Montreal Confections

We came across these pretty treats on Pinterest, which were made by Montreal Confections and featured on They’re made by placing together rolled cookie dough with dough that has been dyed with food coloring.
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Trinity N.'s Surprise Blue Cake

At Trinity N.’s gender reveal party, family and friends wore pink or blue buttons to guess baby’s gender. When Trinity cut the cake, everyone learned the news together: They were having a boy!
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Monica J.'s Surprise Pink Cake

“Waiting for the party was the longest day of my life,” says Monica J., whose friend, a baker, made her surprise pink cake. “But it was also one of the most fun, exciting and emotional experiences.”