Pregnancy According to Snooki

Congrats to Snooki who revealed on her Facebook page that she’s expecting a boy (or mini guido). Ever since the Jersey Shore star confirmed her pregnancy, she’s been chatting nonstop about the joys of pregnancy and becoming a new mom. Not to be outdone by Jessica Simpson, Snooki has had some memorable pregnancy moments, too. She’s not due for a while, so we expect more craziness in the months to come. For now, check out what she’s been up to so far.

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On seeing her first sonogram pic:

“It looks like an alien!” – Snooki told Us Weekly
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On being a new mom:

“I’m excited to be a MILF!” – Snooki told MTV
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On potential baby names:

“I want something Italian and normal. Not Blanket. Or Lamp.” – she told Us Weekly
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On hitting the clubs on Jersey Shore’s 6th season (which starts filming this summer):

“I don’t want to be one of those moms who’s pregnant in a club. It’s disgusting!” – she told Us Weekly
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On getting glam for labor:

“My labor shoes! Bahahaha” -- Twitter
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On pregnancy solidarity:

“I love reading other ladies pregnancy experiences! Makes me feel like I'm not alone and a crazy b$#&%.” -- Twitter
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On baby’s music (club music, not lullabies):

“When my baby can hear sound I'm gonna blast Dobenbeck, Ercola, Medina, Kaskade & Tiesto.” – Twitter
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On feeling the baby move:

“I always feel the strongest movement at night! I think he/she loves Family Guy.” -- Twitter
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On summer pregnancies:

“Omg it's only 74 degrees and I'm dying. This summer is going to SUCK for us preggers ladies!” -- Twitter
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On “dissing” Jessica Simpson’s baby weight:

“I NEVER dissed Jessica Simpson you weirdo tabloids, get over it with your "pregnant war" articles. I love the girl and her hot a$$ bump.” -- Twitter

What do you think Snooki’s going to name her baby? Did we miss any other Snooki pregnancy moments?