Cute Baby Shower Idea: DIY Ombre Tissue Paper Poms

We came across these beautiful DIY ombre tissue paper poms from the blog Icing Designs on Pinterest and immediately fell in love. How perfect would they be for a baby shower or a little girl’s birthday party?

For the full instructions, head over to Icing Designs.

Photo: Icing Designs / The Bump
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How to DIY ombre tissue poms

The only materials you need are scissors, wire, tissue paper in four different shades (to get that pretty ombre look), and string or ribbon to hang them from.
Photo: Icing Designs / The Bump
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Layer the four shades of color

"Take two sheets of each color and layer them from dark to light," say Icing Designs writers Melissa and Katie. "Make sure the tissue paper is perfectly laid on top of each other and accordion fold the sheets."
Photo: Icing Designs / The Bump
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Find the center

"Next, find the center of the tissue and tie a wire around it. This will secure the pom and give you a spot to hang it from."
Photo: Icing Designs / The Bump
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Time to fluff

"Fan the tissue paper out of each side and begin to fluff the poms from the top to the center, and then the bottom the center."
Photo: Icing Designs / The Bump
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The final result!

For the full instructions and more gorgeous DIY ideas, visit Icing Designs.

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