30 Adorable Pictures of Babies and Pets

Bumpies, prepare yourself for some serious cuteness overload. Last week, we asked you to show us photos of baby with their furry BFFs. You sent tons of way-too-cute pictures (check out all of the submissions here!) and we compiled a slideshow of 30 favorites. Go ahead, just try to look at these without “awww”-ing.

Photo: Katieepurcell / The Bump
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By katiepurcell

"Charlie and Tootsie!" -katiepurcell
Photo: Chrissy / The Bump
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By Chrissy

"Paisley knows that she's not allowed on the babies' blanket!" says mom Chrissy.
Photo: Madison B. / The Bump
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By Madison B.

"Snuggle buddies! Baby Wyatt and Mabel." -Madison B.
Photo: Alejandra M. / The Bump
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By Alejandra M.

Two cuties: Alejandra M.'s little one with their pet dachshund.
Photo: Alin776 / The Bump
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By alin776

It's playtime for alin776's baby and puppy.
Photo: Brandon R.
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By Brandon R.

Brandon R.'s baby with their pet pomeranian.
Photo: Colleen P. / The Bump
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By Colleen P.

Puppy meeting Colleen P.'s newborn baby.
Photo: SarahCaitS / The Bump
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By SarahCaitS

"Hardly a baby anymore, but a cute photo nonetheless!" -SarahCaitS
Photo: Nina / The Bump
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By Nina

Photo: Danielle K. / The Bump
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By Danielle K.

"I spy a Gizmo!" says mom Danielle K. "We are officially mobile and wreaking havoc."
Photo: Dorie D. / The Bump
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By Dorie D.

"Gidget is protecting Abigail while she sleeps," says Dorie D.
Photo: dylpicklesmom / The Bump
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By dylpicklesmom

Dylpicklesmom's baby plays a tune for their puppy.
Photo: Hailey L. / The Bump
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By Hailey L.

Hailey L.'s baby and puppy have a staring contest.
Photo: Kelly L. / The Bump
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By Kelly L.

"Snuggles!" -Kelly L.
Photo: Amanda T.
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By Amanda T.

"Whatchu lookin' at?" Amanda T.'s baby with her cat BFF.
Photo: Naty3183 / The Bump
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By Naty3183

"Maisie Moo with her brother Frankie!" -Naty3183
Photo: Erin P. / The Bump
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By Erin P.

Erin P.'s baby and pup hang out.
Photo: Kim S. / The Bump
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By Kim S.

"Two peas in a pod!" -Kim S.
Photo: lenny_xu / The Bump
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By lenny_xu

"Even four years later, they still sleep together!" -lenny_xu
Photo: Sarah C. / The Bump
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By Sarah C.

Sarah C.'s baby and cat keep a lookout together.
Photo: Lindsay K. / The Bump
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By Lindsay K.

"Brotherly love!" -Lindsay K.
Photo: jenniferoutlaw79 / The Bump
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By jenniferoutlaw79

We love this photo montage of jenniferoutlaw79's baby and pup!
Photo: Misty R. / The Bump
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By Misty R.

"Silas and his puppy, Bumper. They're besties!" -Misty R.
Photo: Lynsey E. / The Bump
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By Lynsey E.

"Cuddling after bath." -Lynsey E.
Photo: miss_e_moo / The Bump
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By miss_e_moo

"Olivia and Ginny!" -miss_e_moo
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Liz Ticona

Photo: Rachel D. / The Bump
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By Rachel D.

"Micah and his 'big sister' Lucy!" -Rachel D.
Photo: Sammajop / The Bump
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By Sammajop

Sammajop's baby and puppy.
Photo: Sarah C. / The Bump
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By Sarah C.

"This car ride is exhausting!" -Sarah C.
Photo: Tessa F. / The Bump
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By Tessa F.

"Finley and Dexter!" -Tessa F.

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