Malin Akerman Is Pregnant

Photo Credit: ZimbioPhoto Credit: Zimbio
Malin Akerman is going to be a mom! A rep for the 27 Dresses star confirmed to People that she's expecting her first child with husband Roberto Zincone. The couple wed in Italy in 2007. At first many thought the marriage wouldn't last, but Malin is happy to have proved them wrong. "People would say,... Read more

The Bump Celebrates Twins, Triplets and More!

It's multiples mayhem! Last night, The Bump hosted a launch party for  The Baby Bump Twins and Triplets Edition  from author (and The Bump editor-in-chief) Carley Roney. This event, which took place at buybuy BABY, allowed moms-of-multiples to mingle with each other, and take in some advice from Carley. While they sipped on mocktails from... Read more

Scan This: Stylish Diaper Bag

Every new mom needs a diaper bag, but that doesn't mean it has to look like a diaper bag. Luckily, more designers are using fabrics and patterns to make this essential item stylish, yet practical. See why The Bump’s Lori loves the new line from Petunia Pickle Bottom, and how it will make diaper changing... Read more

How I Quit My Spending Habit Postbaby

Photo: Veer / The BumpPhoto: Veer / The Bump
Oh, retail therapy. Since the beginning of my first pregnancy, I've done a complete turn-around in the type of shopper (and, really, person) I am. In my former days, I would go shopping for enjoyment, not because I actually needed anything. Walking around the stores with bright prints, fun music, pretty beaded baubles and shoes... Read more

Tori Spelling’s Kids Talk About Being Older Siblings

Photo Credit: ZimbioPhoto Credit: Zimbio
Bringing a new baby into your home is a joyous occasion,  but sometimes your other children may not take to their new sibling. For Tori Spelling, however, that's not the case.The actress's  three children, Liam, Stella and Hattie, love their new baby brother Finn! After spending two weeks in the hospital for post-pregnancy... Read more

Why I Work Part-Time

For most couples, one of the first conversations they have when they start talking about babies is about money. Financially speaking, they wonder, what will life after baby look like? Can we afford it? What will it really cost? My husband and I got married a little later in life than your average just-graduated-from-college-now-time-to-get-married couple.... Read more

A Father’s Doody

Photo: Thinkstock / The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock / The Bump
Gross headline, I know, but it's not what you think. This article has nothing to do with my personal bathroom habits. It actually has nothing to do with bathrooms at all, come to think of it. But it does have to do with, well, doo -- and our level of familiarity with it that becomes... Read more

Fall Maternity Fashion: Ingrid & Isabel

Looking for more fall maternity fashion ideas? Ingrid & Isabel (you may know them as the creators of the Bella Band) has classic, cozy and wear-to-work pieces sure that just might become your maternity wardrobe staples. Super cute!

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look 9

White tees and jeans -- so classic!

Check even more at

What’s your favorite maternity work outfit?

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Stylish Baby Shoes for Under $20

Just because Beyoncé spends $800 on baby shoes doesn’t mean you have to (or even can!) Check out some adorable and affordable footwear that will make Blue Ivy jealous!

Photo Credit: Target
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Little Black Flat

Every girl needs a pair of Mary Janes! The Abbie Maryjane from Circo fit comfortably on baby's feet and won't cost a fortune. $7, Target

Which shoe is your favorite? Where do you buy baby’s shoes?

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Did Beyoncé Spend $800 on Baby Shoes?

Photo: Styelite Tumblr / The BumpPhoto: Styelite Tumblr / The Bump
It's baby's first splurge! According the Daily Mail, this week, Beyoncé received a pair of sneakers for eight-month-old Blue Ivy -- that reportedly cost about $800. Designed specifically for Blue Ivy, the baby booties are adorned with an abundance of amethyst Swarovski crystals. To us, it's not clear whether Beyoncé actually bought the shoes,... Read more