7 Hilarious Nursery Prints

Not only are these nursery prints funny (and adorable), but most of the sites have different customization options so you can personalize them to match baby’s room. And for those crafty mamas out there, we love that many of these ideas can be easily DIY-ed at home. Check out these helpful instructions on Young House Love for making your own wall signs for a fraction of the cost of buying them.

Photo: Etsy / The Bump
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"Crying is for babies (other babies)"

Who knows -- maybe this print will be your new parent lucky charm!

To buy: $35 from Etsy seller Sycamore Street Press
Photo: Etsy / The Bump
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"Shake Rattle & Roll"

Wall art for your littlest rockstar.

To buy: $20 from Etsy seller The Lemon Peel
Photo: Minted.com / The Bump
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"We will rock you"

We love that this adorable print (made on 100% cotton rag paper) can be customized in many different colors and sizes.

To buy: Pricing by size from Minted.com
Photo: Etsy / The Bump
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"Shh... you're getting very sleepy"

The power of positive thinking, we say.

To buy: $15 from Etsy seller Embie Online
Photo: On To Baby / The Bump
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"I laughed, I cried, I pooped"

We spotted this hilarious sign on the blog On To Baby (check them out for more DIY ideas, nursery and baby shower inspiration and more!).
Photo: Wallfry.com / The Bump
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"The force is strong with this one"

Ideal for the Star Wars fan-turned-new parent.

To buy: $18 from Wall Art for Small Fry
Photo: The Land of Nod / The Bump
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"Share your toys, by order of the management"

Although pricier, this sign is perfect for transitioning a nursery into a big kid's room (don't worry, you'll be saying these words for years to come).

To buy: $89 from The Land of Nod

Tell us, do you have any funny wall art in baby’s nursery? 

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