The Latest Scoop:Have a Happy, Healthy Halloween

Healthy Halloween
Check out what’s buzzing around the Internet this week: 5 Tips for a Healthy Halloween- Time Healthland Tamera Mowry Savoring "Peace and Quiet" Before Giving Birth to Son - Us Weekly iPhone Apps to Keep Kids Safe While Trick-or-Treating - Lil Sugar Celebrity Parents Reveal Halloween Plans - Celebrity Baby Scoop... Read more

Happy Home-a-ween: How to Celebrate Halloween at Home

Happy Home-a-ween
Due to Hurricane Sandy, several states along the East Coast have rescheduled Halloween. While this will keep your kids safe, it could also make them a bit upset (no kid wants to miss out on free candy). But just because they can't go out doesn't mean they can't celebrate! Throw on those costumes... Read more

Hurricane Sandy Birth Stories

NBC News / The Bump 
Marina Harutunian and daughter, Marianna, who was born Monday night during Hurricane Sandy.NBC News / The Bump Marina Harutunian and daughter, Marianna, who was born Monday night during Hurricane Sandy.
It’s safe to say that 34 year old Christine Schleppy didn’t have “deliver during a hurricane in a mobile medical shelter” in her birth plan. But that's exactly what happened after she started having contractions last night at 6 p.m., just as Hurricane Sandy was hitting her New Jersey neighborhood, reports Read more

Scan This: Stroller to Trike (Video)

Smart Trike
Getting an extra early start on holiday shopping? Consider wrapping up a Smart Trike for baby. The 4-in-1 bike adjusts for different stages of your child's life, so he can use it from 10 months to over 3 years of age. See why this is the gift that keeps on giving. You can buy the... Read more

20 NICU Babies Were Safely Evacuated from NYU Hospital During Hurricane Sandy

NICU Image
As if going into preterm labor isn’t stressful enough, many new parents and their fragile new babies had to endure a mid-hurricane evacuation from the NICU when a New York City hospital lost power due to Hurricane Sandy. After its basement flooded and the backup generator failed to start, the New York University Langone... Read more

Parents: How to Get Through the Hurricane Without Losing Your Mind

toddler and momThinkstock
East-coasters who've  been cooped up at home for the storm: I feel your pain. It was barely even nap time at our home and I was almost ready to tear my hair out. So far, we've put on a pot of chicken chili, played trains, read what feels like a hundred books, dealt with several... Read more

How to Go From Full-Time to Part-Time Work

Working Mom
Many women have asked me how I was able to work part-time. Maybe they want to see if such an arrangement would work for them. Maybe they're just curious. Today, I'll share how I went about getting this arrangement. Financially feasible The first step in this process was determining that... Read more

Trying to Conceive: Why I Love Charting

fertility chart
I love charting! You know, the process of taking your temperature every morning with a body basal thermometer in order to help pinpoint if and when you're ovulating. I've been a charter for almost three years -- since January 2010 when my then-fiance and I decided to use it to prevent pregnancy.... Read more

DIY Halloween Costume: Charlie Chaplin

DIY_Charlie Chaplin_Vert
Last year Lori, head of Creative Services at The Bump, dressed one of her sons as comedy icon, Charlie Chaplin.  Learn how to turn your little man into a classy and comical act. What You Need: Kid's size bowler hat Kid's size black jacket and pants White button-down shirt Black shoes Faux daisy Bamboo... Read more

Nanny Murder Case: Keeping Our Children Safe When We’re Away

Photos: LiveJournal.comPhotos:
Guest post by Melissa Chapman It's a mother's unfathomable nightmare. The idea that the person in whose hands you leave your kids could turn around and harm them. It's a situation every working parent grapples with; finding that perfect combination of love, affection and street smart sense in an individual who will care... Read more