Model and Mom Gwendolyn Osbourne-Smith Talks Sleep Deprivation, Weight Loss and Girlfriend Gossip on “The Price Is Right” Set

Photo: CBS Photo: CBS

You may recognize Gwendolyn Osbourne-Smith as one of the lovely ladies alongside “a new car!” or some other goody on The Price Is Right. Just three weeks ago, the model and her husband, Kenny Smith, a retired NBA player and analyst for Inside the NBA on TNT, welcomed a new daughter, London Olivia. We chatted with her about how the new baby has changed their family dynamic, how she’s planning to slim down postbaby and what really goes on behind the scenes at TPIR.

The Bump: We love baby London’s name! Is that inspired by your English roots?

Gwendolyn Osbourne-Smith: Yes! I was born and raised in Bath, England. My husband is from Queens New York, and we named our four-year-old son, Molloy, after his high school, Archbishop Molloy High School, so we felt it was important to do something from my childhood this time.

TB: And you also have a sixteen-year-old daughter (Monique)! It obviously gets harder once you have two kids, but what about three — what’s the biggest change?

GOS: [Laughs] Thinking that I can manage three children with no sleep! I did not think I’d need help at nighttime because I didn’t with the others, but I might have to give in and get some. It’s so challenging. And it’s crazy to think that I’m looking at colleges and kindergartens for my kids at the same time!

TB: And you’re a model with three kids! Is there a lot of pressure to slim down after each baby? How did you do it, and how do you plan to do it this time around?

GOS: This time, I’m not even thinking about it yet. I think last time there more pressure, since I gained more weight with my second pregnancy than with my third. This time, the weight is dropping off very rapidly — I think it’s partly because I have a very hungry child and I’m breastfeeding. It may also be the lack of sleep and the stress of having three kids!

I don’t really diet — I’ll just try to eat healthy, but I try to do that anyway. Once I get back to exercising, I like to switch it up and make sure I work up a good sweat at least three days a week. I like to do Pilates, both with reformer equipment and on the floor. Sometimes I take a cardio barre class; a friend of mine teaches Zumba, and I love that.

TB: What’s the best advice you have for moms going through the newborn phase for the first time?

GOS: Take a deep breath and just relax. It’s going to be okay. It’s super challenging, but it gets easier and it gets better. Try to enjoy the moments because it goes so fast — I know; I have a sixteen-year old! You feel like you’ll be in the phase of no sleep and diapers and bottles forever, but it will be over before you know it.

TB: What about relationship advice? How do you and Kenny do it?

GOS: Our doctor told us in the hospital, “Look, this is going to be challenging. Be nice to each other.” We had to remember it one day. We were both so tired and doing so much, and we had to stop and say, “Remember, she said be nice.”

I have a great doctor, who’s very interested in psychology in addition to the physical, and my relationships with my husband with my kids.

TB: So how did you prep your older kids for the new baby?

GOS: For my 16 year old, I just spoke with her about it a lot. For my four year old, I prepared him by going to Babies R Us and showing him all the things for the baby, and I got him involved with packing the bags for the hospital. He also did a tour for siblings at the hospital, where they gave the kids a cap and a mask and they learned with dolls how to clean babies and put on diapers. I made sure to prepare him mentally by telling him how much I love him and that I’ll still be there for him and that Mummy will still play with him after the baby is born. It’s been challenging, but so far we’ve made it work.

TB: Is there mom talk going on behind the scenes at The Price Is Right?

GOS: Right now, I’m the only mom who’s a model on the show. There will be another one soon — Rachel Reynolds is expecting. But the hairdresser and makeup artist are both moms, and the other women are very interested in birth and the whole process. They are always asking how much it hurt and want to know about the gross stuff, and you want to tell them the complete truth but you don’t want to scare them off too much.

We joke that I’m Elizabeth Banks, and Rachel is Brooklyn Decker from the What to Expect When You’re Expecting movie. Nothing is a problem for her during pregnancy, but everything was a problem for me. Oh my god, I had so much gas!

There’s also a lot of talk about men and boyfriends and sex and all that stuff.

TB: And you have long workdays, right? How much of a challenge is that for a working mom?

GOS: Yes, we’re there from 8:30 to 6:00 — sometimes earlier or later — and I’ll probably go back to work around the time London is three months old. The biggest challenge will be finding balance. Because, you know, when I leave the studio, my work isn’t done. Working out is part of my job! With my first two children, I knew that once they were off to school, I could get a workout in. Now that there’s three, well, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll take one of those stroller exercise classes. I’ll have to figure it out as I go!

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