‘Home With Dada’ Video Is a Reminder That Dad Is Just as Fun as Mom!

Photo: Image Thirst Photography / The Bump Photo: Image Thirst Photography / The Bump

Moms, you’re gonna looooooove this. Prepare to fall head over heels for this baby and dada combination!

Home With Dada” is the comprehensive report on what happens when dad and baby are left alone together while mom is out running errands, working, or just taking a day off mommy-duty. This video is proof that dad is fun (not that we had ANY doubts!) and capable of spending a day tending to baby’s every need. From knocking over blocks to spinning in circles to running around sans clothes, this dad and baby duo look like they’re having a blast together!

Not to mention, look at those beaming smiles! Bet this mom won’t hesitate leaving her partner and son home alone together in the future! Doesn’t this make you want to put your husband to the test?

Check out the video:

Moms — do you love this or what?

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