Baby Buy of the Week: Clever, Customized Invitations

Photo: Sweet Potato Paper / The Bump Photo: Sweet Potato Paper / The Bump

We’ve been on the hunt for out-of-the box, clever and cool baby products that will keep mom and baby smiling all day long. This week, though, we found a product that is just for mom (sorry, baby).

Allyson Morehead designs beautiful, original and 100% adorable baby shower invitations and birth announcement cards that are customizable and chic. Sweet Potato Paper puts you in total control when it comes to sending out the invitation or card you want. Best part? We’re loving the fact that you can choose baby’s skintone on the paper. Seriously — what other paper provider gives you that much power?!

Morehead’s designs are compiled of fun and cheeky expressions, like “Homeboy or homegirl?” (pictured above) for a gender reveal baby shower and a “Whoo’s dat?” themed birth announcement card decorated with festive owls.

Skip the generic cards and opt for something that matches your personality!

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