Clean Your Home in Under 30 Minutes With This No-Fuss Guide!

Photo: Dog's Life Magazine / The Bump Photo: Dog's Life Magazine / The Bump

Moms (and mamas-to-be!) we know that cleaning isn’t exactly high on your priority list these days, what with a baby (or baby-on-board) to take care of, your partner to spend time with, a job to be on time for, pets and family members to look after and the rest of life’s crazy needs to be on top of. That’s why our incredible friends at The Nest have made the fake guide to cleaning your home possible! It takes just about 30 minutes, requires minimal heavy lifting (carrying around a baby is heavy enough!) and it’s something you can do while baby naps, before baby wakes, or after baby settles in for the night. Tag-team the cleaning routine with your partner and you’ll only spend 15 minutes sweeping your surroundings. (This is real. I repeat: This is real.)

Now, a warning: Because this is the “fake guide” to cleaning (and cleaning fast!), we skipped over the deep cleaning, scrubbing of the floors, bleaching of the bathrooms and scrubbing of the toilets. Instead, we’re giving you all the must-do’s to make your abode look clean and tidy!

So where should you start? Well, The Nest suggests…

Start with Decluttering (which takes roughly 4 minutes)

Pass through key rooms, picking up the following:
— Catalogs, bills, and newspapers
— Pets’ toys
— Handbags and shoes
— Sports equipment
— Stray DVDs

What comes next? Head on over to The Nest to find out how you can fake a clean home in 30 minutes! (It’s true, we swear!)

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