9 of the Best Baby and Toddler Messes Of All Time

Make way for the clean-up crew! We’ve tracked down some of the most hilarious baby and toddler messes we could find  — and wow, these are kids good. Even though you might be ready to reach for the mop, stop! It’s time you cringed in delight at the messes of somebody else’s tot and not your own!

So sit back, pour yourself another cup of coffee and soak it up, mama! Pretty sure it’ll be your turn to clean up.

Photo: Little Kuroneko / The Bump
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Prepare for the Paint

These two have definitely got some 'splainin' to do after they decided to give the living room a makeover!
Photo: Stop Thinking About Me / The Bump
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Toilet Paper Fun!

Who needs toys when there's an endless supply of toilet paper to play with?
Photo: Ariana Pictures / The Bump
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Redocrating the Nursery

Nothing to see here, just your average baby-redecorates-the-nursey-by-throwing-everything-in-her-crib. Yup, typical day.
Photo: Taylor West / The Bump
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Two Tablespoons of Toddler

We are all in favor of having a sous chef in the kitchen, but maybe mom should do the heavy lifting?
Photo: Sunny Side Up / The Bump
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Food Fight

This little girl painted herself silly with pudding one afternoon and it proves to be a fun and tasty way to keep your tot occupied.
Photo: Laini Taylor / The Bump
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Spring Cleaning

What? Like you've never seen baby going through all her keepsakes before?
Our Knight Life / The Bump
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Upside Down Paint Job

Somebody should have told this little guy that the paint goes on the WALL, not the floor!
Photo: Danica Chollar / The Bump
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Shaving Cream Extravaganza

My oh my, this little man is shaving all the wrong parts! Hurry up, get dad in there to show him how it's done!
Photo: Danica Chollar / The Bump
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Got Suds?

Suds away! Looks like the culprit made a clean getaway before mom or dad could figure out who it was but boy! They left quite a squeaky trail behind.

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