For Dinner Tonight: Deliciously Satisfying Homemade Tomato Soup

Photo: The Nest / The Bump Photo: The Nest / The Bump

Even though last weekend we got a gentle reminder of what warmer weather feels like, winter is (unfortunately) back in full swing this week!  But there’s still so much to love about the colder months: booties (duh!), snuggling, hot chocolate by the fireside, sleeping in under a dozen heavy blankets, and comfort food. Oh yes, the dropping temperatures have got us reaching for our favorite cold weather treats and tonight is no exception.

Instead of dreading the Sunday night meal, make your Sunday dinner something everybody looks forward to. Make an old favorite. Make a timeless classic. Make something your husband, your belly, and your babies will love. Make tomato soup. We scored a simple, delicious and to-die-for treat that will have you bringing your bowl round for second (and thirds!). It’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser that you’ll be making again and again.

Pull your tots into the kitchen for a helping hand and dinner will be ready in no time. As an added treat, pick up some cheese, tomatoes and bread at the store and serve homemade grilled cheeses alongside your homemade soup. If you’re really daring, pick up some ham and bacon for a protein punch!

Ready to try it out? Head on over to The Nest to check out the succulent Homemade Tomato Soup recipe. We’re absolutely positive you’ll love it! Matter of fact, we’re making some tonight too!

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