For Dinner Tonight: Creamy, Cheesy Ravioli Casserole

Photo: The Nest / The Bump Photo: The Nest / The Bump

There’s no doubt about it, y’all, everybody loves dinner. What everybody does not love? Planning the meal, deciding what to have, going to the grocery store and cooking it. Especially on Sundays. Sundays are a day of “rest” (AKA filled with running around, playing with your kids, or taking care of some serious nesting if you’re planning for your baby), and so planning out a big meal isn’t always top of our priority list.

But, praise be — our easy dinner prayers have been answered and if you’re in possession of a slow cooker, you better listen up! There’s no better way to kick off Sunday than by preparing a meal in the slow cooker, right? Right. And there’s no better way to celebrate Sunday than by feasting on some of our favorite Italian fare. Tonight’s menu? Cheesy ravioli casserole.

This simple, delicious and lovable classic will have every belly in your house satisfied (and asking for seconds!). If you’re feeling super creative, pick up a loaf of garlic bread and put together a quick salad. We absolutely love this quick dinner fix and the easy clean up, too!

So, ready to try it? Head on over to to get the cheesy ravioli casserole recipe!

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