Dad Steps Out Wearing a Costume Only a Kid Could Love

Photo: Tip Junkie / The Bump Photo: Tip Junkie / The Bump

Today, something amazing happened. And it didn’t take a fictional superhero to make it happen. Today, Batman, Superman and Spiderman all took a back seat to an amazing real dad, his real son, and a couple of really great capes.

They were spotted at a local hardware store and the rest is honestly Internet history. (But we’re willing to bet they were stocking up on crime-fighting gear! And maybe even a few snacks, too!) Check out this photo of the an onlooker snagged of this lovable duo. A commenter on the Reddit site admitted why the photo was such a hit, saying, “A good dad is always a hero to their kids. Capes just let the world see it a little better.”

We seriously couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Here’s the photo:

Photo: Reddit / The Bump

Photo: Reddit / The Bump

How amazing?!

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