Sandy Hook Students Plan Touching Super Bowl Performance

Photo: CBSNews / The Bump Photo: CBSNews / The Bump

26 brave students will make the trek from Sandy Hook, Connecticut, to the Big Easy for Sunday’s red hot Super Bowl match-up to take part in the pregame festivities.

The Sandy Hook School Chorus will sing “America, the Beautiful” in front of the packed stadium and in front of millions at home watching their TVs. The performance will take place before kickoff. Alicia Keys, songstress and mom to adorable son, Egypt, will sing the national anthem.

Hats off the NFL for choosing to honor the surviving children of Sandy Hook and all of the families who lost loved ones in the horrible tragedy. While it won’t replace the pain any of them are experiencing, it is a beautiful honor for these children to pay tribute to the country they love, the classmates they miss and (maybe even) the football team they’re rooting for.

Are you touched by this? Will you watch?

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