Channing Tatum’s Daddy-to-Be Confession Is One All Dads Can Relate To!

Photo: WhoSay / The BumpPhoto: WhoSay / The Bump
Proud papa-to-be Channing Tatum is getting cuter by the second! Preparing for his next role as daddy (to a very lucky little lady or lad!), Channing dished on his feelings towards fatherhood, calling it the "biggest role" of his life. He even added, "I hope I don't screw that one up!" To go... Read more

Spotted! Livingston McConaughey Makes His Adorable Photo Debut!

Photo: FameFlyNet / The BumpPhoto: FameFlyNet / The Bump
Looks like Livingston McConaughey is going to be a man of the sun! The 1-month-old baby boy was photographed spending the day at the park with his beautiful mom, Camila Alves, yesterday! The super cute twosome kept things casual, taking in the beautiful 80-degree sights in Austin, Texas. Little Liv joins big brother Levi, 4,... Read more

Dad Steps Out Wearing a Costume Only a Kid Could Love

Photo: Tip Junkie / The BumpPhoto: Tip Junkie / The Bump
Today, something amazing happened. And it didn't take a fictional superhero to make it happen. Today, Batman, Superman and Spiderman all took a back seat to an amazing real dad, his real son, and a couple of really great capes. They were spotted at a local hardware store and the rest is honestly Internet history. (But... Read more

Cute Baby of the Day: Caden’s Silly for Spaghetti

Photo: Kristin Barnes / The BumpPhoto: Kristin Barnes / The Bump
Prepare yourself for the ultimate cuteness! Handsome man Caden thinks his dinner is pretty funny and judging from the mess on his highchair, it looks like this little guy had a lot of fun chowing down! We don't really mind the mess so long as this little dude keeps up that charming little smile! Isn't... Read more

Baby Shower Spotlight: A Wonderfully Woodland Inspired Fete!

My, oh my, make way for some stunnnninnggggg baby shower photos!

Our baby shower du jour boasts a beautifully woodsy-inspired event! Because mom and dad chose not to find out the gender of their baby-on-board, they picked a location and gussied it up with “woodland” themed decor that highlighted their loved of the great outdoors — and everything from the venue and decor to the treats and the invitation matched the gender-neutral color palate. These parents-to-be certainly threw a one-of-a-kind bash that baby would be proud of! See for yourself:

Photo: Rachel Gajda / The Bump
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Personalized mantle

A picture of mom, dad, and a sign for the baby-to-be? We're in love, we're in love!

We want to hear from you! Have baby shower photos that you are just dying to share? Show it off, mama! Email photos from your beautiful day to us at [email protected] to be featured in our Baby Shower Spotlight series. Make sure to include details about your shower theme, color scheme and also who to give photo credit to. We can’t wait to see!

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Beautiful Baby Names Inspired by the Winter Chill!

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No way around it -- it's pretty frigid out there. And while winter is typically the month that we spend cuddled up on the couch hoping for warmer weather, it's also one of the best season's for baby naming inspiration! Tons of beautiful, peaceful, serene and winter-white themed monikers stem from the chilly cold and... Read more

Best Maternity Dressed at the SAG Awards: Busy Philipps

Photo: AP / The BumpPhoto: AP / The Bump
I've loved sassy Busy Philipps ever since her Dawson Creek days -- and she's equally hilarious on Cougar Town -- but I think I like her as a pregnant woman best of all! (Maybe partially because I get to read her tweets and call it work!) Busy showed up at last night's Screen Actor's Guide... Read more

What to Buy (and What to Skip!) When It Comes to Multiples

Photo: Apartment Therapy / The BumpPhoto: Apartment Therapy / The Bump
It’s easy to get swept into a buying frenzy when you find out you’re pregnant with multiples.  The confirmation of pregnancy brings a unique and overwhelming sense of excitement mixed with panic for any woman. Add another baby to the mix and the emotions just intensify! While your first instinct might be to just swipe... Read more

For Dinner Tonight: Creamy, Cheesy Ravioli Casserole

Photo: The Nest / The BumpPhoto: The Nest / The Bump
There's no doubt about it, y'all, everybody loves dinner. What everybody does not love? Planning the meal, deciding what to have, going to the grocery store and cooking it. Especially on Sundays. Sundays are a day of "rest" (AKA filled with running around, playing with your kids, or taking care of some serious nesting if... Read more

Store Your Digital Photos (Without the Stress!) With This Quick & Easy Guide

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Just admit it: You've got a lot of photos. Some are on your phone, others on your camera and all the rest are scattered in memory boxes all over your house. It's hard to keep them all in one place, isn't it? And keeping track of them -- forget it. It's near impossible to remember... Read more