A Must Have Chic and Cheap Organizational Trick Every Mom Needs

Photo: The Nest / The Bump Photo: The Nest / The Bump

I’ll be the first one to say it: There’s a lot of clutter hanging out in my drawers. From stray pens and Post-it’s to tape and paper clips, it’s a mess in there. Every so often I think of a system to keep me organized, but I always revert back to my old (bad) habits.

Suffer from the same organization-o-phobia? Then you’ve come to the right place. It’s high time we gave our spare drawer space a vintage makeover on a penny price-tag!

The lovely ladies from TheNest.com tracked down a simple way to arrange and organize your junk drawers to keep looking chic and clutter-free — and as an added (free) bonus, you’ll actually STAY organized. (I know, let there be light!, right?)

The quick fix? Old cigar boxes that double as storage space. You can pick up these old containers at flea markets, antique stories, or even rummaging through your own basement for goodies. But, there’s more than that.

Ready to see just how easy staying organized can be? Head on over to TheNest.com to check out their 100 Days of Organization to pick up all the quick tips you need to get your space looking (and staying!) tidy.

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