Battle of the Babies: The Super Bowl Edition!

Why watch the game when you could scroll through this list of adorable babies supporting their favorite teams!? Even though over here in New York we’re a little biased (coughGiantscough), we can still appreciate a super cute baby in a super cute jersey when we see one. Which is why we’re gearing up for tonight’s main event with this drool-worthy list of babies decked out in their sports gear.

You might be Team 49ers, Team Ravens, but over here at The Bump — we’re firmly Team Baby! 

Photo Courtesy of Amanda Mitchell / The Bump
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Ravens Cheerleader

Photo Courtesy of Gina Epp / The Bump
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49s (Adorable) Water Boy

Photo Courtesy of LucyMiner / The Bump
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Ravens Star Quarterback!

Photo Courtesy of Gladys White Scott / The Bump
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49ers Football Guy

Photo Courtesy of siah_baby / The Bump
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Ravens Druly Man!

Photo Courtesy of Lizziesig / The Bump
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Football Fan From Her Head to Her Toes!

Okay, seriously ... check out those legwarmers!!!!
Photo: Linzzznil / The Bump
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Raven's Head Coach

Photo Courtesy of Annie Corsino / The Bump
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49ers Cheer-baby!

Photo Courtesy of siah_baby / The Bump
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Raven's Go-to Guy!

Photo Courtesy of Ashleigha Foxworthy / The Bump
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'Niners Linebacker!

Photo Courtesy of REDDEVIL2632 / The Bump
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All Around (Adorable) Cheerleader!

Photo Courtesy of Megan Espinoza / The Bump
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And, uh, one for good measure....


Who are you rooting for today?

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