Baby Names Inspired by Lots of Love This Valentine’s Day!

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Whether you’re getting ready to welcome baby in the world, preparing for a hot, steamy night of babymaking, or planning for a night full of fondue with your partner and your baby bump, this list of beautiful, love-inspired names pulled straight from Cupid’s closet will help you commemorate this (bright!) red holiday! We’ve got a name for every romantic there is — we pulled from the classics, the colors, the presents and even the modern love movies! Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!

Adara – Greek for “beautiful”

Allie – inspired by The Notebook

Amorette – means “little love” in French

Anabelle – means “lovable” in Latin

Belle – French for “beautiful”


Dawson – inspired by Titanic

Eloise – inspired by Heloise, famous for her love letters to Abelard in the 12th century

Jack – inspired by Titanic


Juliet – inspired by Romeo and Juliet

Kalina – means “to love” in Australian



Mina – means “love” in German

Neha – means “affection” in Hindi

Noah – inspired by The Notebook

Redd – because what’s Valentine’s Day without something red!?

Rhett – inspired by Gone with the Wind

Roma – inspired by Valentine of Rome

Rose – inspired by the flower and Titanic

Roman – inspired by Valentine of Rome


Romeo – inspired by Romeo and Juliet


Scarlett – inspired by Gone with the Wind

Thaddeus – means “heart” in Aramaic

Teddy – inspired by the stuffed animal (could also name baby Theodore)


Valentina or Valentino

What inspired your baby’s name?

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