Unbelievably Cute Kiss Cam Smooches Brought to You by The Bump!

It’s Valentine’s Day and mamas everywhere are showering their babies and toddlers with love! Far and wide, mom-to-be’s are dressing up their baby bellies to mark the lovey-dovey occasion with their partners, and others are showering their little babies with kisses by the bunch!

Since this red, pink and heart-filled holiday is smack dab in the season of love, we asked moms to show off their growing cuties by submitting photos to our Kiss Cam! Check out these adorable photos — it’ll remind you what Valentine’s Day is all about: showering the people you love with love!

Get ready to “Aw” so hard your cheeks hurt because these photos are so cute not even Cupid would know what to do with these faces:

Photo Courtesy of Meagan Gray / The Bump
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Covered in Kisses!

Photo Courtesy of Kim Hebert / The Bump
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Flower Power Smacker!

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Chan / The Bump
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Giggly Kisses

Photo Courtesy of Taryn Pierce / The Bump
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Baby's First Kissing Customer!

Photo Courtesy of Chrissie Beam / The Bump
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Mommy Love

Photo Courtesy of Amber Saldana / The Bump
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Pucker Up!

Photo Courtesy of Naima Milke / The Bump
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Lipstick Love

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Reel / The Bump
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The Double Whammy!

Photo Courtesy of Alison Mezera / The Bump
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Sleeping Smoochies

Photo Courtesy of Joy Dubberstein / The Bump
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Belly Smooch

Photo Courtesy of Kimberly Crocco / The Bump
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Daddy Butterfly Kisses

Photo Courtesy of Cecilia Orvananos / The Bump
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Two Times the Love

Photo Courtesy of Julianne Nonas / The Bump
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Smiley Smooch

Photo Courtesy of Victoria / The Bump
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Upside Down Love

Photo Courtesy of Alicia Auriemma / The Bump
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Apple Orchard Kisses

Photo Courtesy of Courtney McCormack / The Bump
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Daddy Kisses!

Photo Courtesy of Meissa Fines / The Bump
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Baby Boy Love

Photo Courtesy of Amanda Stow / The Bump
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Parents Pucker Up

Photo Courtesy of @Cauliex / The Bump
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Little Newborn Love

Photo Courtesy of @Crheasinner / The Bump
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Black and White Love

Photo Courtesy of Teri Housenger / The Bump
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Double Smooch!

Photo Courtesy of Lisa / The Bump
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$1 a Kiss!

Photo Courtesy of Erin Larson / The Bump
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Mommy and Daddy Love

Photo Courtesy of Heather Miller / The Bump
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Heads Together for a Kiss

Photo Courtesy of Mel / The Bump
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Mommy's First Love

Photo Courtesy of Angie Moore / The Bump
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Shag Carpet Smooch

Photo Courtesy of @mrs_chevalley / The Bump
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Happy Hugs and Loves

Photo Courtesy of @MarcelaKapfer / The Bump
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Brotherly Love!


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How are you spending Valentine’s Day?

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