Cute Baby of the Day: Super Sweet Sister Time!

Photo Courtesy of Joe and Gayla Luchetta / The Bump Photo Courtesy of Joe and Gayla Luchetta / The Bump

You guys, this one really hits close to home for me. Not to brag — but I’ve come to know a handful of the CUTEST (yeah, I said it: the cutest) babies and toddlers ever, in all the history of the world. And these two darling girls, Ava and Emma take the cake when it come to adorable blue-eyed, blonde hair sisters.

I can only imagine what these two are lost in thought about. Maybe they’re planning something — a diaper mess in baby’s nursery, or an epic baby food fight at the dinner table? Whatever it is, these two dreamy little dolls are so cute I can’t stand it! And those cheeks — GAH! I need to find them and eat them right. this. second!

How adorable are these baby girls?

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