Lily Allen Makes Post-Baby Debut and Forgets Something Really Important

Photo Courtesy of Us Weekly Photo Courtesy of Us Weekly

You guys, Lily Allen might be my favorite person right now. The mama of two made her first appearance post-baby (she welcomed baby girl Marnie Rose Cooper on January 8th) at the 2013 Brit Awards, but it wasn’t without it’s fair share of mommy obstacles!

The singer tweeted on Wednesday, “Dear BRITs 2013 I am running very late, please do start without me.” And even though the mama was headed out without her two daughters, it’s clear her mind wasn’t very far from her girls. She said, “Was en route but despite numerous reminders forgot nipple pads, had to turn around.” Whoops!

Ugh! Can’t you totally see where Lily is coming from? It’s hard enough getting yourself ready, but leaving the house when you’re breastfeeding without the right equipment can be totally disastrous! But let’s be real — leaving the house AT ALL when you have kids is a serious chore, so we can totally sympathize with her on this one.

She went on to say, “Left house without me nipple pads and me tits are leaking. cold and wet. Not LOL.” Thankfully, the mama made it home, picked up her necessities (and no doubt kissed her girls!) and headed back to the show.

Not to mention, Lily looked incredible and was absolutely glowing in a loose-fitting, multi-color tweed Chanel dress — a perfect look for a mom who’s enjoying her postbirth recovery (and not in a rush to get back into her size 2 skinnies!).

Can you relate?

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