15 Amazing Photos of Babies Giving Love to Their Cats and Dogs!

Brace yourselves — it’s about to get really cute up in here! If you love cats, if you love dogs, if you love babies or if you love anything cute, this is the place for you.

We tracked down the most adorable — most drool-worthy, most OMG! KATZ! DOGZ! BABIES! — photos the Internet could give us to bring you 15 outrageously lovable photos of cats, dogs and babies! They’re cute, they’re cuddly, their wrapped up in so much fur and baby that I don’t even know what to do with myself.

Consider your day made! Check ’em out:

Photo Courtesy of http://www.apogeephoto.com
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Lovable Lick!

Photo Courtesy of CuteStuff.co
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"Whataya think, cat? You goin' in there?"

Photo Courtesy of Hilarious-Pictures
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"Hey baby -- get your diaper OFF my turf!"

Photo Courtesy of Cheezburger.com
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Lovable snuggle

Photo Courtesy of Feedio.net
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Bottoms Up!

Photo Courtesy of CalvinandSusie.com
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Just a Girl and Her Dog

Photo Courtesy of CassieHack
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Baby and Cat Yoga

Photo Courtesy of Murchyks
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Baby's First Big Spoon

Photo Courtesy of 1,000 Cute Things
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"ET... phone... home."

Photo Courtesy of Johannes Eiriksson Photography
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The Ultimate Sharers

Photo Courtesy of CuteStuff.co
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Car Seat Cuddle

Photo Courtesy of CBS Local
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Swingset Snuggle

Photo Courtesy of Fropki.com
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Honorary Triplet!

Photo Courtesy of picturesofcats4you.com
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"I've got you now, Kitty!"

Photo Courtesy of Glogster.com
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Swaddle Brothers

Photo Courtesy of Hilarious-Things.com
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"So wait... what you're saying is... I'm not REALLY a cat?"

Can you handle the cute?

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