Moms, Enter Your Tots in Our ‘Kids Say the Silliest Things’ Series and be Featured on Our Site!

Photo: Getty Images / The Bump Photo: Getty Images / The Bump
Ok, moms and dads, it’s time to break out the video camera and start capturing those adorable — and totally unscripted! — kid moments!
Think your little tot says the silliest things? Well you’re in luck, ’cause we do, too! We’re gearing up to start our first video series Kids Say the Silliest Things and we need your help!
Here’s what you need to do to enter your baby in our KSTST web series:
1. Take a video your little guy (or girl!) answering the following FIVE questions:
  1. Who do you like better? Mommy or daddy? Why?
  2. If you could do anything all day long without mommy stopping you, what would you do?
  3. What does mommy like to do for fun? What does daddy like to do for fun?
  4. What do you want to be when you grow up? Why?
  5. Have you ever been in trouble? What did you do?
2. Now here comes the fun part! After answering the questions, upload the video to your YouTube account (if you don’t have one — now’s the time to make one!)
3. Send [email protected] an email with “KSTST web series” as the subject line and provide the following information:
  1. The LINK to your live video from YouTube and your username (in case we have to search for your video!)
  2. Your full name
  3. Baby’s name
  4. Your daytime/evening contact information
  5. Your email address

We will be accepting video submissions until Wednesday, March 20, 2013. Please only send your video submission once! We will select our favorites to share with you and the rest of our Bump community!

Now’s the time to get your child to say some of the wackiest, weirdest, silliest and strangest things he can think of! Get started mama — the laughs await!