10 Lucky Babies Full of Irish Pride on St. Patrick’ Day!

Still recovering from all of yesterday’s fun? From the looks of it, these little guys are, too!

Check out these sweet photos of babies all done up for their first St. Patrick’s Day! You’re gonna love what you see — trust us!

Photo: Theresa Acevedo / The Bump
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Green With... Smiles!

Photo: Rosanne Catellano / The Bump
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Party Girl!

Photo: Laura Brammer / The Bump
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"Kiss Me, I'm Irish!"

Photo: Erika E. Righter / The Bump
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Bucket Full o' Gold!

Photo: Deanna Haldeman / The Bump
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Wiggin' Out

Photo: Melisa Fertig / The Bump
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One Lucky Lady

Photo: spleezy1116 / The Bump
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Little Leprechaun Love

Photo: angelactyre / The Bump
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Seein' Double

Photo: Tanya Picard / The Bump
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Lucky Little Irish Lad

Photo: Ashley Harrington / The Bump
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Baby's 1st St. Patrick's Day

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