Bumpie Tip of the Week: Sweet Spring Themes to Try for Your Baby Shower!

Photo: A Subtle Revelry / The Bump Photo: A Subtle Revelry / The Bump

Happy spring (finally)! We all love a great party- — especially one to celebrate a baby! Planning or expecting a baby shower this season? Our Bumpies on the Baby Showers board shared some fun themes you’ve got to try for your shower!

“Traditional spring colors are pastels, obviously, but you could choose to mix it up! For decor you could do pots of tulips/daffodils, or vases filled with cut tulips or hyacinths. You could also utilize spring branches such as forsythia or Cherry blossom!” — sphinx24*

“For cake ideas, maybe try a fun flavor such as a lemon or strawberry, or even cupcakes with a variety of fun, colorful flavors.” — unicorn2342

“I am having a spring themed shower, and my hostess is planning on focusing on baby animals, specifically birds and bunnies! So cute.” — allisonmar546

“Tulips/Daffodils/Hyacinths make great centerpieces that could double as favors!” — NariaDream

I’ve thrown a spring shower with the theme ‘A baby is blooming!’ Everyone loved it.” — Winginit

“You could do a “He brings me Sunshine after a Rainy Day theme.” That way you could do a lot of cute plays still on the whole SHOWER part that you would have done for a girl but then instead of the ‘flowers’ do “Suns” because that’s what he will be to you… a bright beautiful Son!” — britsknit

“My cousin just had a rubber-ducky themed shower — it was so adorable and super colorful!” — SpitsNGiggs

“Have a bumble bee theme! Yellow and black are easy to work with. You can have honeycomb decors, make some fresh lemonade and your give away souvenirs could be bear shaped bottles of honey with personalized labels on them.” — kayeseth

 *Some names have been changed.

Tell us: What would you theme your spring baby shower?

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