Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Baby Registry Request Will Surprise You

Photo: Global GrindPhoto: Global Grind
I honestly never thought I'd see the day but alas, the day has come! Our super-famous, super-fabulous and super-over-the-top parents-to-be Kim Kardashian and her beau, Kanye West, have done the absolute unthinkable. The couple, who will become first-time parents in July, have asked for something so outrageous for their baby that just hearing the news actually... Read more

The Truth About Your Pregnancy Weight Gain

pregnant woman on scaleThinkstock
With the seemingly endless parade of pregnant and new-mom celebrities in the public eye, we are bombarded with images of growing baby bumps, speculation (and judgement) about pregnancy weight gain and inevitable tales of how quickly (or not-so-quickly) stars shed their weight after baby comes. And we love it! You won't catch me... Read more

The 5 Types of Moms We All Know

Photo: Thinkstock / The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock / The Bump
We all know we shouldn’t compare ourselves to other moms. It’s not right to judge or stereotype. Yeah, yeah… yeah. We also know we all do it and it can sometimes even serve a useful purpose. Who among us hasn’t wanted to be a little more like that mom and a little less like that... Read more

Does Being Born in the U.S. Make You More Likely to Have Allergies?

Photo: Thinkstock / The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock / The Bump
A new study published today in the journal JAMA Pediatrics concluded that children living in the United States are more likely to have allergies than children born elsewhere but now living in the United States. Researchers involved in the study examined data from more than 91,600 children under the age of 18 who... Read more

Eating Junk Food While Pregnant Affects Baby More Than We Ever Realized

pregnant woman eatingiStock
The latest in research completed by the University of Adelaide, published in The FASEB Journal, suggests that moms-to-be who eat junk food during their pregnancies have already programmed their babies to be addicted to a high fat, high sugar diet by the time they are weaned. The research, led by Dr. Bev Mühlhäusler, is the first... Read more

The Top 13 Most Conflicting Theories About Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Royal Baby-to-Be

Photo: The Hollywood GossipPhoto: The Hollywood Gossip
I think it was Patrick Henry who said, "Give me liberty or the royal baby!" and I've got to hand it to the guy because I couldn't have said it any better myself. Each and every day, the rumor mill (both English and American!) gives us so much Kate Middleton and Prince William news to... Read more

Laughter and Perspective: The Keys to Surviving a Child With Autism

Photo: Danica / The BumpPhoto: Danica / The Bump
This is the fourth and final installment of Danica’s series on her son’s Autism diagnosis. In her first post, The Moment Autism Changed Everything, she shares how the autism diagnosis changed her family’s world. Her second post, Avoiding the Autism Diagnosis: Ignorance Is Not Bliss, takes us through coping with the... Read more

Why I’m Terrified to Shop for a Maternity Wardrobe

Photo: Thinkstock / The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock / The Bump
I recently found myself at the Mall of America because of a work trip. I meandered with my coworker/friend and suggested I check out the maternity stores since I didn't have to pay sales tax (woo hoo!). I should mention that I have been putting off buying maternity clothes for several reasons: I'm in denial... Read more

4 Ways You and Baby Should Celebrate Screen Free Week!

Photo: Thinkstock / The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock / The Bump
From April 29th to May 5th, we're celebrating Screen Free Week! The annual celebration, marked by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC), encourages families to turn off the screen and turn on life! The CCFC created Screen Free Week as a creative response to growing public heath concerns toward children's... Read more

AAP Releases New Home Birth Guidelines: Here’s What You Need to Know

Photo: Veer / The BumpPhoto: Veer / The Bump
The AAP has officially released a new policy statement, "Planned Home Birth" published in the May 2013 Pediatrics, which makes new recommendations for the care of infants born at home or in a home setting. Here's what the new guidelines state: Regardless of the circumstances surrounding baby's birth (including location), every... Read more