Easy, Healthy and Delicious Treats for Moms-to-Be

Ladies, is it just me or does it feel like you suddenly have grown a hollow limb? I simply cannot stop feeding my face. At times I wonder, “Do I have a tapeworm inside me or a baby?”

I’ve found that eat the amount of calories to maintain my weight if not 200-300 calories more a day. This is actually recommended by doctors for new mommies. And even though you’re not technically eating for two, you’re fueling your body to keep up with the demands of a growing a baby!

To help banish hanger pains (yes, I said hanger because when I don’t eat often enough I get angry. Hence, hangry!), keep some healthy and convenient snacks on hand. While my pre-preggo self could always be found in the kitchen, I just don’t seem to have the desire to cook at all that requires more than a few minutes of prep.

Feeling the same? Try these easy mini meals to keep on hand for when the hunger pains kick in!

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Apples and Almond or Peanut Butter

An apple a day keeps the doctor away and paired with good fats this snack is a perfect protein packed snack!
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½ English muffin and peanut butter with Banana and Honey

Let's face it, I have a weakness for peanut butter as if you can't tell. This mini meal pays homage to the King.
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Homemade Granola Bars

Feeling slightly ambitious? Try making your own granola bars! The above pictured are a mock Lara Bar.
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Vegetables (Celery, Carrots, and Red Peppers) and Hummus

Hummus is available in all varieties and flavors now, and is full of antioxidants!
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Veggie Burger wrapped in Lettuce

Whether you make your own or go for a Boca Burger, veggie burgers pack a lot of protein.
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½ Mashed Avocado on Whole Wheat Toast

I have a slight obsession with this lovely green fruit. Avocado is one of my staples in my household right now and it's full of good omegas for baby and you.

What’s your go-to food for pregnancy?

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