The Funniest Baby Commercials of All Time!

Photo Courtesy of E*Trade Photo Courtesy of E*Trade

Take a break from your hard working Thursday schedule and sit back, relax and get ready to literally laugh your rump off.

Today is the day for laughter, fun and a little bit of sweetness mixed in there, too. So basically, we’re bringing you the funniest, the coolest, the most hilarious baby commercials Mother Earth has to offer! Thank goodness for TV,  the Internet, for commercials, for Ryan Gosling (errmergerd did I just say that out loud?) and for technology in general because today, dear constituents, we’ve giving you an extra helping of fun — ’cause y’all could certainly use it! We’ve rounded up the best of the best in baby commercials!

From the notorious  eTrade baby and the high-flying, crusin’ and skating Evian babies to the hilarious AT&T kids, take a look at our top eight favorite baby commercials:



1. The Evian Rollerblading Babies:

2. The AT&T Kids

3.  The Breastfeeding Mom

4. The eTrade Baby

5. The Doritos Baby

6. The Huggies Be Happy Babies

7.  The AT&T Kids Gettin’ Dizzy

8. The Evian Baby Dancers

Which video was your favorite?

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