Bumpie Tip of the Week: I’m Pregnant. Do I Get to Celebrate Mother’s Day?

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Happy (almost) Mother’s Day! So, who REALLY gets to celebrate Mother’s Day and all of its wonderfulness? Is there a rule? (I have a cat, does that count?) Our Bumpies on the November 2013 Birth Month Board share their thoughts on whether or not expecting mommies should take part in the Mom’s Day festivities!

“I’m indifferent about it but would love if my husband took the initiative to acknowledge that I’m going to be a mom (or currently am since I’m growing a human!). I plan on doing something special and small for himon Father’s Day. ” — dollphnfre*

“I think we deserve something since yes, we are growing humans here!” — kimmycup

“When I was pregnant, my husband took me to brunch. He gave me the diaper bag I’d been wanting, too. Nothing huge, but it was nice to celebrate with him.” — SweetPea92

“My partner asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day yesterday. I thought it was sweet of him. I’m fine with not celebrating if we don’t. And just because you’re baby isn’t born yet, doesn’t mean you’re not a mom!” — NL105

“I’d say celebrate however you want and as often as you want while you can enjoy time with just you and your partner. I remember how exciting it was the first time we had a “table for 3,” but then when the next time we had a “table for 2″ wasn’t until 14 months later it was equally refreshing to just be able to enjoy a meal without trying to keep a toddler entertained!” — BrittAnnie

*Some names were changed.

Tell us: Are you celebrating or did you celebrate Mother’s Day while pregnant?

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