Whoa! Shakira Wants to Breastfeed Baby Milan for How Long?!

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New mama, Shakira, may be head over heels for her little man, but the doting mama recently sat down with Us Weekly and dished on just how much she loves bonding with her growing guy. The singer and current judge on The Voice told Us that breastfeeding her 4-month-old son, Milan, has been “one of the best experiences” of her life, adding, “I love it! I can’t stop. I think I’m going to breastfeed him until he goes to college!”

Whoa, mama! While I’m sure Milan loves breastfeeding just as much as you do, college is a little extreme (even though she’s only kidding! Still — could you imagine?). I think all moms (whether they bottle feed or breastfeed can relate to what Shakira is feeling. Those quiet moments with baby are like nothing else in this world — and it’s only natural to want them to continue forever. And it’s so sweet that she’s so in love with her little guy that she wants the world to know she never wants those moments to end.

Shakira also credits her feedings with baby boy for helping her drop the baby weight faster than she’d originally imagined. She said, “I think it helps a lot. I haven’t weight myself… I think I’m close but I can’t sing victory yet.”

I love that Shakira isn’t stepping on the scale every day and counting down the ticks until she’s back to her prebaby weight. Good for her that she’s enjoying the process naturally (she also admits she does Zumba to help keep active), but for now, it sounds like she knows exactly where her priorities lie — and just who they lie with.

She said of spending time with at home with Milan, “I thought I was going to be super-controlling because I am like that with my songs, my career and everything I do professionally — I like to be in charge. But with him, I’m so relaxed,” she shared with the magazine. “It’s so surprising because everybody thought I was going to be one of those hysterical mothers, like smothering mothers, and I feel that I’m not as nervous. I’m relaxed.”

And even though the gushing first-time mother isn’t headed back into the studio quite yet, her passion for song was with her right up until baby’s arrival.

She said, “I did write a song for [Milan] the day I was going to deliver him. But that’s just for us!”

Did you love breastfeeding immediately?

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