Bumpie Tip of the Week: Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Baby

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Happy Father’s Day! Technically speaking, he isn’t a “daddy”… yet. But just because that baby is still in your belly doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Father’s Day in a special way! Our Bumpies on the October Birth Month Board shared their ideas on what to get the daddy-to-be.

Here’s what they suggest:

“I got my husband a onesie that says ‘I Love Daddy’ on it. It was my first baby purchase!” — hawkeyegirl*

“My husband carries around our baby’s ultrasound picture so I bought a frame that you put the picture in and it has different sayings you can put under the picture.  My favorite one was ‘Love at First Sight’.” — mmeans1224

“I got my husband a children’s book called My Daddy and Me. He will be able to read to our son as he grows up.” — Kristenmead

“I got him a matching father and son tool belt set!” — WhitWe

“Put together a daddy hospital bag! Maybe new pajamas, shaving supplies, deodorant, a roll of quarter, snacks… things that will help him stay at the hospital. Perhaps you can include in there a daddy’s brag book as well!” — orgnlmama

“I gave him a World Greatest Dad mug and a bottle of booze.” — KorieAngel

“I’ve always called my husband ‘Bear’ and I found a Papa Bear t-shirt and a matching Baby Bear onesie. He also gets a present from the dogs every year and I’m still working on that one!” –– mork

“My husband washed his favorite dress shirt with an ink pen last weekend so our baby-on-board is getting him a replacement for Father’s Day. I had also been thinking about getting him a picture frame for his desk or putting together a daddy survival kit for when he watches our baby after birth!” — jmurac

*Some names have been changed.

Tell Us: Are you getting daddy-to-be anything this Father’s Day?

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