New Quinny Jett LongboardStroller Lets Mom, Dad and Baby Cruise Along Like Never Before!

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So, this is a real thing. Allow me to introduce to you the latest, greatest (and weirdest?) design: the Quinny Jett LongboardStroller!

Designed by Belgian design firm Studio Peter Van Riet and the stroller company, Quinny, it will mark the first stroller/longboard hybrid (officially called the “LongboardStroller”) for mom, dad and baby. It’s a mash-up product for parents on-the-go, who really want to get around hard to navigate environments with ease. Though it was designed for parents living in big cities, I think that the LongboardStroller could also make a splash in a suburb rife with space for dad and baby to cruise along, or aisle 7 of the supermarket when mom only has time to grab-‘n-go.

Here are the details:

The LongboardStroller comes with a child seat affixed to the front of the long board skateboard, with handles for parents to be able to steer. Baby (who will definitely need to wear a helmet!), gets a front row view of the action, flying past your average walkers and bystanders. Baby gets all the fun, without the added danger of holding him on the skateboard. Shaped to look almost like a zipper scooter, it’s still as long as a longboard. With more flexibility and mobility, turns and scooting around obstacles are made much easier. Now, you’ll never have to worry about being late for an appointment again!

As for the inspiration behind the project, Quinny says that, “For the first time in history, more than half the world’s population lives in urban areas. Quinny believes that you don’t have to leave the city when you become a parent; that for parents with a positive attitude and the right solutions, the city is a place full of opportunities. Quinny wants to create these solutions; seamless mobility solutions, so urban parents have the freedom to move.

The longboard stroller is completely fitting this mindset; it’s a concept thought, a different way of thinking on how parents can move. It’s an alternative solution which makes it easy to travel longer distances in a nice, environmentally friendly way.”

Check out a day on the road with the Quinny Jett:

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