Kendra Wilkinson Reveals She’s Finally Ready for Baby Number 2

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Sounds like the Wilkinson-Baskett’s may be adding another to their brood! After a getaway to Southern California’s Big Bear Lake, Kendra Wilkinson and her husband, Hank Baskett are refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to welcome another child into their world. They even got their son, Hank Jr.’s, approval, too!

The reality TV star, who was hanging out with People over the weekend, told the mag that while on the parents-only vacation together, she and her husband found a “new energy with each other, a new love, a new fascination about each other. And right now, we found the key to happiness. We have the key to marriage, we have the key to parenting, why not right now bring a new life into this world while we’re this happy. It just makes sense.”

In the past, Kendra wasn’t shy about sharing her desire to wait for more children (even though admitted that her husband was more than ready to grow their family). She told People in September of 2011 that she wanted to “hold off for a bit” before getting pregnant again, saying,”Hank actually talks about having another baby a lot more than I even think about having another baby. I don’t know when that’s coming. Whenever I feel it’s time, then it’s time.” Personally, I give Kendra a lot of credit for waiting until the time is right to try for another. It’s a huge undertaking (and also a huge blessing!), but I love that she’s patient enough to trust that when it’s time for a baby to come, they’ll know. I love that she’s so self-assured and so confident.

One of the biggest reasons the mama to Hank IV wanted to wait for more kids? She wanted time to settle into a routine, a home and a family life — for both herself, her beau and their 3-year-old son. Speaking candidly about her first pregnancy and her struggles with postpartum depression and body image, Kendra shared her optimism for her next pregnancy. She said, “I think the second time around will be much better.”

Not surprisingly, it sounds like everything is exactly in it’s correct place for the family of three. Though the couple haven’t officially revealed whether or not they’re trying for a baby quite yet or just know that it’s in the plans, Kendra said, “I’m ready. I couldn’t be more ready, and Hank couldn’t be more ready. Our souls have connected, even Little Hank’s. Little Hank keeps saying to us, I want a brother and a sister. So we have included him in our decision, too.” How cute, right? I love that Little Hank gets a say — and that it matters to his mom and dad.

Congratulations to Kenda, Hank and Little Hank! Sounds like they’re in for an exciting ride and we wish them all the best!

Do you think you’re ready for another baby?

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