Scan This: Portable and Super-Versatile Blanket (WATCH!)

As the weather heats up, you’re probably thinking about Fourth of July picnics and beach trips, which is what makes the JJ Cole Collections blanket so perfect to use right now. (Of course, even if you’re not expecting your baby until after this summer, we still think you’ll get plenty of use out of it next year and beyond!)

This is a registry item that you might not have thought of yet, because it’s not exactly a baby essential. But we’re willing to bet that you’ll be glad you have this waterproof picnic blanket that folds into an easy-to-tote bag. You never know where you and baby will want to relax and enjoy a little fresh air and sunshine, so it’s perfect to stow in the stroller. Find out why our creative director Lori thinks this is a must-scan — she put it on her registry six years ago and still uses it! She explains in this video.

Register for the JJ Cole Collections blanket here or buy it here.

What baby products are you stocking up on for summer?

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