5 Biggest Summer Maternity Fashion Problems — Solved by Style Guru Liz Lange!

Liz Lange summer maternity fashion

Finding the right clothes to make you look and feel your best during pregnancy can be tricky to say the least! And dressing for a sweltering summer, well that adds a few new curves to your wardrobe decisions. That’s why we brought our biggest, toughest maternity fashion questions to maternity style guru, Liz Lange.

The Bump: I’m not loving all these changes with my body. What can I wear this summer that’s flattering?

Liz Lange: One of my favorite summer staples is a maxi dress — it’s such a trendy, stylish way to cover problem areas. Maxis are very versatile and are flattering on every body type. This maxi from my Target collection looks great when paired with a cropped jacket or cardigan. Best part — it keeps you cool during the sweltering months.

TB: I don’t want to spend a ton of money on my maternity wardrobe. Any money-saving tips?

LL: Start with the essentials: A black dress, great-fitting jeans and a few solid tanks and tees. Then, incorporate layering pieces and accessories from your current closet, such as blazers, cardigans and bold jewelry, to create several fresh looks.

TB: Are there risks wearing  tight clothes while pregnant a la Kim Kardashian? What about high heels?

LL: There’s nothing wrong with fitted clothes — the stretchy fabrics actually make you look slimmer! As for shoes, you don’t want to be pregnant and teetering around in sky-high stilettos. There’s nothing chic about appearing off balance! I always suggest ballet flats, kitten heels or a low wedge when selecting footwear. Now that it’s summer, try a flat sandal or a short espadrille.

TB: Is it stylish or tacky to wear a bikini when pregnant? Any tips on how to pull it off?

LL: The pool and the beach are perfectly acceptable places to show off a bare baby bump, and you may not believe me, but two-piece bathing suits are more flattering than one-pieces. So feel free to buy a bikini. They actually enhance – and support – new curves best.

If you don’t want to show too much skin, I recommend a tankini. They provide the security of extra coverage while still drawing attention to the right places.

TB: I work in a professional office. How should I dress for work and stay comfortable as the weather heats up?

LL: It’s important to remember that your usual office dress code still applies when you’re pregnant. Stay professional by updating your 9-to-5 attire with a few key maternity pieces, like this Liz Lange for Target sleeveless dress that hits just above the knee. Add a blazer and sophisticated jewelry for a polished, work-appropriate look.

What have been your favorite maternity clothes to wear this summer?

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