Bumpie Tip of the Week: Old Wives’ Tale or Just Bad Advice?

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Everyone seems to have some kind of great, secret, stuff-no-one-else-will-tell-you pregnancy-and-parenting advice for us these days — especially those who have been there before. We’ve got Bumpies who are spilling some of the outrageous things they’ve heard over on the Babies: 6-9 Months community board:

“My aunt and uncle told me that when our daughter’s teething got “too bad” to go outside, look in a flooded ditch, and grab a crawfish. Then, while its still alive, twist the tail off, peel it, and rub the raw meat on her gums. Apparently it’s fool proof.” — hischelsea*

“My mother-in-law and dad have told me several times to mix honey, whiskey, and lemon for teething.” — minervacul

“I’ve been told to put rice cereal in her bottle before bed to help her sleep many times.” — MrsBigTime

“The last bit of advice I received was to thump my baby on the face/forehead when he bites me during breastfeeding and it will make him stop. I wanted to ask, stop what? stop biting or stop wanting to breast feed all together. Regardless, there is no way I am thumping my baby on the face!” — persephone

“I was most annoyed by Old Wives’ Tales when I was pregnant. I was team green and everyone had an opinion about the sex of my baby based on my symptoms, how I was carrying, or food I was eating.” — trombgirl

“My mother-in-law told me never to reach above my head for anything because it will cause the baby to be choked by the cord.” — GingerBaby

“Facebook should be closed for advice… I swear it makes the stupid come out of people!” — saturdaynight1

“My grandmother actually told me not to have sex. I could’ve died! She said that now that I’m pregnant I will get some good sleep since the pregnancy smell keeps the men away.” — typheni2

“If you eat a lot of spicy things your baby’s bum comes out red. Right…” — GirlWithAnAngel

“You should never sew or knit or do anything with thread before the baby is born — it could mess up the umbilical cord.” — Yaku

“I once had a old woman tell me not to take a bath because the baby would drown.” — aicheUm

*Some names have been changed

Tell Us: What is the worst advice or silliest old wives tale you’ve been told while pregnant or parenting?

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