Adorable Toddler Hears for the Very First Time and Her Reaction Will Take Your Breath Away

Photo Courtesy of TheRealHDVideos / YouTube Photo Courtesy of TheRealHDVideos / YouTube

For your weekly dose of pure sweetness, we are bringing you the amazing story of Reyn Schadt, a beautiful 16-month-old girl who hears her mother’s voice for the very first time.

With the help of a cochlear implant, doctors have given this sweet little girl the chance to hear, to sing and to take part in the world around her. It’s a gift her parents have wanted to give their darling daughter since the moment they learned she was hearing impaired.

Watch Reyn and her mom, Charlotte, at the park together. The moment they share is pretty powerful, so grab a tissue and make way for the happy tears!

Fast forward to the 2-minute marker in order to see mom and baby girl singing together!

Don’t you think it’s amazing what modern technology can do?

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