7 New-Mom Looks That Work for Your First Family Photo

Yesterday, when the Heavens opened up and the universe answered our cries for portraits of the royal family, we were overcome with joy, happiness and complete wonder at breathtaking, beautiful and totally down-to-earth photos Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George and their dogs Tilly and Lupo. (Okay, maybe that was just me?) Anyway…

The royal family’s first informal photo shoot once again shed light on something we’ve known about Wills and Kate for quite some time: though they be but royal, they are normal. Like — really normal. They posed for photos (taken by Kate’s father, Michael), in her parents’ backyard garden and try as though they may, they couldn’t get all the dogs to smile (Tilly was catching a snooze much like baby George). But it wasn’t just the sentiment of the photo that we fell head over heels for — it was their clothes.

For a mama less than a month postpartum, Kate looked like she’s still holding on to much of that pregnancy glow — and even though the first-time mom looked exhausted (we for sure know that feeling!), she also looked totally comfortable. She slipped into a $79 Seraphine Maternity knot dress and she looked so glam that I couldn’t take it. The dress is designed to flatter your figure before, during and after your pregnancy, so it’s really no surprise that Kate picked it for her first family photo.

With the Duchess of Cambridge as our guide, we’ve picked seven other looks every new mama can rock for her first family photo:

Photo Courtesy of the Manufacturer
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Empire Waists

Why we love it: The bright color is super gorgeous and will really pop on camera. The empire waist flatters your figure so you're not busting at the seams and the deep v-neck is feminine, yet playful, so you don't have worry about constantly readjusting in between pictures.

Fuchsia Knot Front Seraphine Dress, $79
Photo Courtesy of the Manufacturer
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Scoop-Necks (and Belts!)

Why we love it: Leading up to her due date, the Duchess took to the streets rocking this dress while out shopping for nursery gear. Even though she made it a maternity staple, we think it's a postpartum must-have as well. The breathable fabric is gentle on your postbaby skin and the cloth belt fits every size at every stage of your postpartum recovery.

ASOS Maternity Exclusive Kate Dress With Belt And Soop Neck, $42
Photo Courtesy of the Manufacturer
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Feminine Blouses

Why we love it: You don't have to pull out all the bells and whistles for your first family photo. A functional and fashionable blouse like this is perfect for a photo shoot (just ask them to shoot from the waist up). The lace neckline is feminine and sexy and the asymmetric side-tie will show off your gorgeous postbaby curves.

Lace Insert Blouse, $89
Photo Courtesy of the Manufacturer
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Polka Dots

Why we love it: Sure, baby might be the real focus of the photo but guess what mama? You are too! The high neck and stretch body-con fabric will keep you covered up, but the playful polka dot pattern and bright cobalt coloring add a chic, feminine touch. Dress it down with a chambray button down or add flair with a structured blazer.

ASOS Maternity Exclusive Dress in Multi Spot, $37
Photo Courtesy of the Manufacturer
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Why we love it: Repeat after me: Stripes are not the enemy. In fact, they're ultra fab and a totally staple in your postbaby wardrobe. The stretch fabric is loaded with extra give so you don't have to worry about squeezing into a dress that's too small (or a maternity dress that's too big). To dress it down, add a loose, thin sweater.

Stripe Front Dress, $59
Photo Courtesy of the Manufacturer
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Long Sleeves

Why we love it: A maternity dress that's not frumpy and looks great on mamas even after baby's born? We'll take it! (Added bonus? This awesome black and plum multi-coloring.)

Mamalicious Jersey Dress With Top Belt, $47
Photo Courtesy of the Manufacturer
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Why we love it: Pair it with denim, leggings or tights and you're good to go. We're loving the textured coloring for fall (it's super on-trend!) and the soft fabric is soft enough so you can snuggle up close to baby while the camera snaps photos of the perfect happy family. Say cheese!

New Look Maternity Textured Tunic, $25

What did you wear in your first few weeks postpartum?

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