Submit Your Product(s) for a Chance to be a Best of Baby Award Winner!

Best of Baby 2013 Award Seal

UPDATE 11/8/2013: Product submission timeframe has ended for our Best of Baby Awards. If you’re chosen as a winner, we’ll be in touch in January!

Gather round y’all, ‘cause we’ve got something really exciting for you. Last year, we launched our Best of Baby Awards, where we gave out Bump-approved seals to product winners in over 27 different categories and this year, we’re gearing up to do it all over again!

About the Best of Baby Awards

After reviewing hundreds of products from strollers to baby monitors, our editors will award winners that truly excel in design, practicality, value, functionality, problem-solving, time-saving, innovation and — of course! — cuteness for both mom and baby!

Winners come from all types of companies, from mass-market and prestigious brands to unique up-and-comers. We’ll be accepting submissions from October 1, 2013 through November 8, 2013 to our NYC offices. Now, for some FAQs (and answers!).

FAQ: I want to submit my product, but how do I know what categories the judging will take place in?

Great question! We’ve got over 27 different categories to choose from:

Baby Carriers
Eco-Friendly Baby Gear
Diaper Bags
Double Strollers 
Car Seats
High Chairs
Changing Tables
Gliders and Rockers
Breast Pumps
Nursing Covers
Nursing Accessories
Teething Toys
No Batteries Required Toys
Best Toys for Babies and Toddlers
Maternity Basics
Home Pregnancy Tests
Beauty Products for Moms-to-Be
Fashionable but Functional Gear
Cutest Baby Products
Innovative Gear
Baby Bath Products
Baby Monitors
Feeding Gear

FAQ: I’m really excited to send my product in and want to do so today! Where should I send it – and to whom?

We appreciate your enthusiasm! You can send it here:

Kylie McConville
c/o Best of Baby Awards
XO Group Inc., 25 Fl.
195 Broadway
New York, NY 10007

FAQ: We’ve got a lot of great information about our product(s) that we want to send along for your consideration as well. Should we just stick it in the box?

Before you press print, read this: We’re eco-friendly so please send all press kits via email or on a flash-drive with your product. If you want to send the press kit via email, go on and send with the subject line: Best of Baby Candidate: [Product Name] to: Kylie McConville at [email protected]

FAQ: How will moms know where to buy our products?

Send us that information as well. Make sure you include up-to-date links and pricing so we make sure our moms get the most recent information on where to buy!

FAQ: Should I really ship this crib, rocker and changing table all the way to your offices? And how will you assemble it?

For furniture items, please contact Kylie directly ([email protected]) before sending your product to our NYC offices. We want to review your products, and with limited space we’re more than happy to visit showrooms or store fronts that carry your big-ticket gear!

FAQ: We have lots of gear that we’d love to send over for consideration – how many products can we submit?

We want to pick the best products, so please send the items you’re most proud of.

FAQ: My baby products are great! But we don’t have an online site and we don’t have any major retailers shipping our products. Does that mean we can’t enter?

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to review your products if they’re not AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE online or by a major NATIONAL retailer. Since our moms range from New York, New York to Baja California back to Burlington, Vermont and down to Key West, we want to give them national access to the products we love and trust.

FAQ: Hey! We’re a major retailer and we want to send you some of the products our moms love – even if they’re not our brands. What should we do?

Check with your brands before sending. If they’ve already sent us a package, please don’t double up. But, let us know where the product is available online and send us a link.

FAQ: How will we know if we’re a winner?

Easy: We’ll tell you! After we’ve made our selections, we’ll notify all the product winners to let you know that you’ve been chosen.

FAQ: We have a really cool product coming out in 2014 – can we submit?

If your cool product is available online and in-stores by December 31, 2013, we want to see it!

FAQ: I don’t feel like your information was clear. Is there someone I can speak to who can help me through this process?

Sure can! Contact Kylie McConville ([email protected]) and we’ll work through the process together.

FAQ: Will I get my product back?

Unfortunately we will not be able to send your product back to you, so please note that once you send your product to us, we will not be sending it back.