Bumpie Tip of the Week: 2014 New Year’s Resolutions!

Photo: Veer / The Bump Photo: Veer / The Bump

A new year is full of endless possibilities (and hopefully a baby too!) Bumpies on the June 2014 board share their resolutions for the year, encouraging each other to stay on track with their personal goals.

“I am giving up diet soda. I usually have 4-5 per week. I just need to find something to replace it with that has caffeine.” – austinlyns*

“I’m more of a general life one…live in the moment with my family. This includes not bringing home work with me – whether it’s report writing or the stress” – ahastin1

“I want to start being healthier overall. This means eating less junk food and cooking more meals. This in turn will help pay down our credit cards and make like easier.” – bhead81

“I am working to be less of a clutter bug.” – skyview222

“I want to clean and cook more.” – jessierye

My resolution is to walk for at least a half hour a day.” – Valie18

“Save save save. Pay down debt” – exc1tedforbaby1

“I want to cut back on my screen time and be in the moment.” – asales727

I want to worry less, and go with the flow a little more. I’m determined to not let anxiety control my life.” – BatDaughter4Eva

“Bicker less/ love more” – shana+chris

*Some names have been changed.

What are your biggest resolutions for this year?

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