The Mealtime Must-Have Every Baby Loves (and Every Mom Needs!)


Between mealtime messes, starting on solids and teaching your toddler to hold silverware, you need a cool, super cute and fast way to feed, right? Meet oogaa, the silicone and safe way to feed baby in a way that’s designed for first-timers and toddler eaters (they’re safe on gums too!).

What makes oogaa so cool? They offer adorable plane spoons, train spoons and tugboat spoons, mealtime sets, non-slip mats, feeding bowls and divided plates that are designer-inspired and great for beginners. Plus, they come in bright, vibrant colors and creative animal-inspired designs. They’re even hand-finished (talk about a labor of love!) and eco-friendly (they’re free of BPAs, phthalates and PVCs).

Dishwasher, microwave, sterilizer and freezer safe, you can tote these clever dinner must-haves at home, to grandma’s or even when you’re traveling.

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