What Being Born in 2014 (the Year of the Horse!) Will Mean for Baby

Photo: Veer / The Bump Photo: Veer / The Bump

Happy Chinese New Year! Did you know that it’s the Year of the Horse? And according to legend, that can affect baby’s personality — and even his future career. So here’s the scoop on what your 2014 baby will be like. Saddle up, mama! It’s going to be one heck of a year.

The sign of the Horse is considered the most powerful of all the Chinese symbols, so get ready for a babe with a strong personality right from birth. Horses are super active and energetic; they’re also extremely animated and known for their good health (which means perfect attendance once baby reaches school-age!). Plus, they love being the center of attention and are incredibly clever too.

Colorful and creative

Horses are known for their love of green, red and purple so don’t shy away from those hues when stocking up on nursery bedding and baby clothes. When you’re picking out a paint color, try a soft, welcoming red. Yes, really! Horses love anything that will get them attention and they’re not afraid of making a style statement. Red will match baby’s energetic attitude and add warmth to his space.

A pure entertainer

Your baby won’t be shy about the standing in the spotlight. You’ll see it sooner — when she shows off her clapping skills — and later — when she takes the lead role in a play. You’ll want to join a mommy-and-me gym or schedule play-dates with babies in the neighborhood so your little extrovert gets the interaction she needs.

Lots of honesty

One of the things that Horses aren’t particularly known for is their ability to sugarcoat things. They’re incredibly honest, sometimes to a fault, so be prepared for blunt answers to your questions. Look at it as a good thing, you won’t hear too many little white lies. (Like when you ask if he fed his vegetables to the dog — he did!)

The Energizer bunny

Alright, mama, we’re warning you: Horses are loaded with energy, so be prepared for a super-active baby, an incredibly busy toddler and when baby’s old enough, a kid with a full schedule of after-school activities. But sometimes all that energy makes it hard to complete tasks (like cleaning up the playroom and finishing her homework). Use lots of positive encouragement to help her get things done.

An artistic future

Horses are drawn to jobs that require lots of communication. They’re natural leaders and great decision-makers, which means your Horse will succeed as a manager, pilot (free flights!), performer or journalist. A Horse also likes to be needed, so a career as a language instructor, librarian or translator is also possible. Some famous Horses that’ve left their mark in history? Ella Fitzgerald, Teddy Fitzgerald, Davy Crockett, Jerry Seinfeld and Aretha Franklin.

What do you think your 2014 baby will be like?

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