10 Hot New Toys for Babies and Toddlers

After checking out the newest baby and toddler toys at Toy Fair 2014, we rounded up this year’s top 10 must-haves.

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Boon Pieces Foam Bath Puzzle

Leave it to Boon to solve bath toys’ biggest issue—mildew! This new bath puzzle is non-absorbent, mold- and mildew-resistant and sticks to the bathroom wall even when it’s wet. Plus, it’s a puzzle for the bath. What a smart idea! Available now. $12, BoonInc.com
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Melissa & Doug Mega Race Car Carrier

Get ready for a big haul! The classic wooden truck’s upper deck is loaded with race cars and it’s a whopping 2.5 feet when extended. It’s designed to teach your tot new colors, designs and numbers (and how to sort, sequence and group!) as he tugs this big wheeler around the house. Available Fall of 2014. $30, MelissaAndDoug.com
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Sesame Street Let’s Imagine Elmo

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TOMY Pic N’ Pop Ball Blaster

Got a new walker? At the click of a button, she can shoot a colorful ball into the air, chase after it and roll the blaster over it like a vacuum to pick it up. It also has a hold-on stand in case she’s not totally steady on two feet just yet. Available Spring 2014. $30, TOMY.com
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SkipHop Treetop Friends Tummy Time Mat

You’ve got to love the adorable owl design -- it looks great in a nursery. This mat stimulates and encourages muscle and motor development and offers tons of different textures and tactile activities for baby to do. It even doubles as cute nursery décor. Available now. $35, SkipHop.com
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Cloud b Twinkling Firefly Frog

This frog prince from Cloud b is a nursery must-have! Fireflies twinkle in the frog’s belly when its time for lights out and two soothing sounds (rain and crickets, and a classic lullaby melody) help baby fall asleep. After 45 minutes, it turns off on its own. And it’s not just functional as a nightlight and sound machine, it’s a fun take along toy for a toddler. Available Spring 2014. $32, Cloudb.com
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Fisher-Price First Steps Jumperoo

Conventional wall-hanging jumpers sometimes fall, and babies can wander into trouble using a standard walker. Try this instead. It’s a free-standing jumper that spins 360 degrees, and even extends into a stationery walker, so baby can walk back and forth, without stepping into harm’s way (like near the stairs!). It lights up and plays music as baby moves. Available now. 110, Fisher-Price.com
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Tiny Love Rock & Ball

We’ve never really seen anything like it before, so we’re absolutely smitten with the new Rock & Ball: it’s a 3-in-1 toy that converts from a ball to a tambourine to a floor standing mirror-and-teether combo. The movable pieces can be shaped -- and reshaped -- by curious little hands. Available Spring 2014. $15, TinyLove.com
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Lamaze Click Clack Jack

We love a good teether, and how quirky and cool is the Click Clack Jack? The bright patterns and colors pique baby’s interest while she plays. Jack’s knotty legs and different textures give her different things to explore and learn. Available Fall 2014. $8, TOMY.com
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B kids Go Kart

Baby can cruise along in the Go Kart (with or without a push from mom!) and stash her favorite toys in the hidden carriage. It even folds small enough to stash in the trunk for trips. Plus, the bear’s face just makes us want to smile! Available Spring 2014. $50, BKidsFun.com

What’s the most important feature you look for in a toy (for baby or toddler)?

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