Jenna Fischer Is Pregnant With Baby Number 2!

Photo: Us Weekly Photo: Us Weekly

Prepare The Office, there’s another baby on the way! Our beloved, Pam, err, Jenna Fischer and her husband, Lee Kirk, have announced they’re expecting their second child together this summer!

The baby-on-board will join big brother Weston Lee, who’s two and a half. In previous interviews, Jenna said that after giving birth to Weston two years ago, first-time motherhood was definitely an eye-opening experience. She said, ““I want nine hours of sleep, but it turns out I don’t need it! I had really underestimated what I was capable of because, before I had him [Weston], I thought I needed things that I didn’t really need.”

No word yet but here’s hoping the couple delivery a happy, healthy little baby!

Did you hope for a different gender when you pregnant for the second (or third) time?

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