Aw! Toddler and Her Doll Cut Their Hair to Give to Cancer Patients (WATCH!)

Photo: FlyPress Films Photo: FlyPress Films

Usually, when people cut their hair off to donate to cancer patients, they’re at least in elementary school — not a toddler. However, Emily, who is 3-years-old, got her philanthropic start in life at a very early age. She was born with a head of hair so thick that her parents thought it was too much, especially as Emily got older.

They then got the idea to ask her to cut her hair and donate it to kids who had cancer, and explained to her what a nice thing she’d be doing. Emily said she was excited to “share her hair,” on two conditions: her Uncle Matthew, a hairdresser, would cut it, and her doll, Dolly, would get her hair cut too. After all, a gal needs some moral support when she’s getting a major haircut, right?

You can watch the adorable video below, where Emily gets a chic bob and gives us all a little inspiration.

Would you want to donate your child’s hair for a good cause?

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