The Scoop on Our First-Ever Moms for Moms Event

Photo: Jean Molodetz / The Bump Photo: Jean Molodetz / The Bump

In January, The Bump and got together for a photo shoot where moms and moms-to-be shared their biggest Mommy Truths. Not long after, along with the team from CT Working Moms, we created Moms for Moms Day because we wanted every woman to feel comfortable, confident and proud of her choices as a mother (and mama-to-be). We were so inspired by the CT Working Moms Campaign for Judgment-Free Motherhood shoot that we wanted to expand the message by encouraging moms all over to stand up and support one another, so just about a week ago, on March 4th, we came together to show the world that the Mommy Wars are on their way out.

At the event, moms-to-be and new mothers sipped on sweet drinks, snacked on delicious treats provided by the yummy Deb’s Catering and festive cupcakes from Ivy’s Bakery, and took awesome photos in our TapSnap photobooth. Our first 50 guests were treated to goodie bags filled with gear from Boppy, Evenflo feeding, Dr. Smiths, Bio Oil, Pediped, Earths Best, Dr Brown’s, Cozi, Suburban Jungle and Ella’s Kitchen. Four very lucky winners took home outrageous prizes from our giveaways which included an UPPAbaby VISTA and MESA, travel crib from Nuna, an amazing activity starter set from Baby Einstein and an awesome new-mom gift set from Comfort & Harmony.

After the fun settled down, our amazing panelists tackled the tough stuff. Led by Samantha Ettus, lifestyle and parenting expert, Carley Roney, founder of The Bump, Michelle Noehren, founder of CT Working Moms and Alicia Ybarbo and Mary Ann Zoellner, co-authors of Sh*tty Mom, talked about the Mommy Wars, why they’re speaking up and how we can all work together to end them. We laughed, we got honest and most importantly, we kept it real!

Check out some of our favorites photos from the event:

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Sweet treats

Tasty snacks from Ivy's Bakery, right here in New York City.
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Our Fabulous Partners, The CT Working Moms Say...

"Let's love more and judge less!"
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Goodies Galore!

Prizes from Baby Einstein, Nuna and Comfort & Harmony.
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Fighting Back

Check out our awesome panel, talking about the ways every woman can do their part to support one another.
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Crowd Appeal

We loved seeing so many women come together for the same reason.
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These Moms Say...

Our panelists and moderator included a splash of fun with their Mommy Truths.
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The Secret's Out!

We displayed our Truths loud and proud!
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These Moms Say...

"It's Moms for Moms Day!"
Our night wouldn't be complete without the amazing CT Working Moms.
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These Moms Say...

"Every mom makes the best choices for her family."
"We're all in this together."
"I felt amazing after having my baby."
"Making different choices and raising healthy, happy kids."
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Foods on Display

We even had a proclamation from the Governor of Connecticut officially declaring March 4th Moms for Moms Day!
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Order Up!

Yum, yum, yum. Seriously. Yum! (Thanks Deb's Catering!)
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This Mom Says...

"I let my kids watch TV."
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Paying Close Attention

Our NYC offices were packed with moms ready to end the Mommy Wars.
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These Moms Say...

"Making different choices and raising healthy, happy kids."
"I've never actually gone into labor."
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This Mom Says...

"I don't bake, craft, iron or dust. I rarely cook."
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Getting Familiar

Our co-founder, Carley, chatting with tons of moms and moms-to-be before the event.
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This Mom Says...

"I'm continuing my workouts at the gym."
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Crowd Control

Our fabulous moderator (and mommy!), Samantha, answering questions before the panel got started.
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These Moms Say...

"I'm keeping my baby's name a secret from everyone!"
"I've never actually gone into labor."
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This Mom Says...

"I felt amazing after having my baby."

And in case you missed it, be sure to listen in to our panel’s discussion — and the helpful tips and tricks these moms learned from one another:

How are you working toward ending the Mommy Wars?

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